The success that Hopkins has had thus far has come under run-of-the-mill quarterbacks such as Brian Hoyer,Jay Cutler Jersey Ryan Mallet, T.Taylor Decker JerseyJ. Yates,T.Y. Hilton Jersey Brandon Weeden and even Case Keenum. With the Texans acquiring Brock Osweiler in free agency,Drew Brees Jersey and finally having a sense of stability at the quarterback position, it gives way to the development of Hopkins' already remarkable skills.Joe Montana Jersey In the 2015 season Hopkins had 111 receptions, with over 1,Russell Wilson Jersey500 yards averaging 13.7 yards per reception,Leonard Floyd Jersey with his longest being 61 yards. The duo are excited to be working together,Jameis Winston Jersey and it's made evident not only in their work but with their words as well. β€œIt's very exciting,Dan Marino Jersey” Osweiler said in his first press conference as a Texan. β€œI've been fortunate to experience two great receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders,Kenny Vaccaro Jersey but what DeAndre brings to the game is truly special.” Hopkins has been a godsend for the team and the Texans made the right decision in keeping him. The organization should have no inhibitions about their decision. However, the front office should definitely get started on Hopkins' contract extension.